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As the New Year approaches it’s that time of year when we start thinking about New Year’s resolutions. We begin to plan for the year ahead and organise all the things we want to do. Did you neglect your kitchen in 2013? If you love cooking then you will probably spend quite a bit of time in your kitchen.

Cooking in a dull kitchen that’s falling apart isn’t much fun, you need to look after your kitchen and make it your own. It’s also nice to show off a lovely kitchen when guests come round and when you are entertaining. Set yourself some goals for next year that focus around getting your kitchen back on track. Here are some of the things you can do to spice up your kitchen in 2014.

Replace Broken Parts

Don’t leave it one more year before getting your kitchen fixed. There is no need to try and struggle with broken doors, handles and kitchen appliances. You don’t need to replace your entire kitchen to make it feel brand new. All you need to do is show your kitchen a bit of love by replacing things that are broken.

Broken kitchen parts can also be quite dangerous, so it’s important that you replace things that are faulty as soon as possible. The reason why people try and last in kitchens that are falling apart for so long is because they think it will take a lot of effort to get things sorted. Getting new parts for your kitchen is much easier than think. Make sure you finally get around to ordering new parts in 2014.

Get New Appliances

Have you had the same microwave for years on end? If your microwave still works and you are happy with it then that’s fine, but you might want to think about getting a more eco friendly model. Modern microwaves tend to use less power and be more energy efficient. This is the same with things like kettles, dishwashers and washing machines. Do an audit of your kitchen and make sure all your appliances are at least in safe working order. Make a note of the things you desperately need to replace and invest in some new appliances. There is an initial cost but you will save more in the long run if you go for energy efficient kitchen appliances.

Keep It Clean

This is the most simple tip for 2014, if you want your kitchen to look nice then make sure you clean it regularly. A huge amount of germs can spread throughout your kitchen, therefore it’s important to keep on top of cleaning. It’s always nice to come home to a clean and tidy kitchen. If you find you are the only one cleaning the kitchen then try and recruit other household members to help you. Put together a regular cleaning schedule and make everyone stick to it.

A Nice Scent

When you are cooking you will create lots of different smells depending on the ingredients you are using. No one likes a kitchen smelling of fish or garlic, so it’s handy to have some candles ready to help get rid of stubborn smells. Stock up on scented candles or air fresheners to keep your kitchen smelling nice.

Kitchen Accessories

Every kitchen is unique and if you want to put your own stamp on your kitchen then get some accessories. Buy accessories that reflect your own personal sense of style and that will make your kitchen feel more homely. You can get paintings, ornaments, kitchen signs and a wide range of accessories that will help to make your kitchen stand out.

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