Off-site Adoptions

Off-site adoptions provide an opportunity for people to see animals available for adoption without having to come into an animal shelter. These off-site locations can be in retail establishments (veterinary offices, pet stores, etc) or can be a stand-alone retail establishment (‘pet stores’ in malls run entirely by and for the animal shelter).

Off-site Adoption Locations are a necessary part of progressive sheltering for a number of reasons: some people won’t come into an animal shelter ever, others won’t come in at the time that the perfect animal is there, still others just don’t get over there or assume it is ‘the pound’ they grew up near. Whatever the reason all these individuals will get animals from other sources. Having animals in locations where more of the community can see them, provides the animals with a higher chance of being adopted and of course that’s the goal. To move the animals into lifelong homes as quickly as possible.

Off-site adoptions also allow an organization to spread their messaging, brand themselves and establish relationships with the local retail community…all which benefit the animals and the organization.

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